FML - The follow-up

Today, I slipped in my own vomit while dashing to the bathroom to puke. My knee hit and shattered the toilet; the toilet shattered my knee. FML

kunjac0945 Say more :
OP here. For clarity's sake, this actually happened to me several years ago, on the first day of my summer break. I had to spend the rest of break, as well as my birthday in a cast.
By kunjac0945 / Monday 14 September 2015 05:21 / United States - New York
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As a person with damaged knee ligaments, yeah. The knee. Every. Damn. Time. It's horrifying to know that it costs soooooooo much more money to fix your own damn body than it does to replace an inanimate object.


#46 as a Brit, Americas health care system has always confused me. If you don't have insurance you get bummed in the arse for if you're not rich and even if you do have insurance they'll try and screw you over anyway. It's like the governments not even trying to care


49 -- yes. And everyone (especially your extreme Republican types) hates universal health care, because Obama illuminati 666 or whatever. Everything positive that tries to get through gets blocked, because bipartisan politics, irrational loyalty, and greed are more important than the welfare of the people, apparently. It's no wonder why 'Murica is the laughingstock of the world at the moment. And I'm as American as it gets.

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