FML - The follow-up

Today, I showed my grandma my new septum piercing. Her only response was, "I hope it gets infected and your nose falls off." FML

kmtau Say more :
OP here. First of all, I'd like to let everyone know that I don't give a rat's ass about your opinion of septum piercings. That being said, I knew my grandma would not be happy about it but I did it anyway because I've wanted one for a long time. She did apologize shortly after saying this, and now she's gotten used to it! Yesterday when we were at a restaurant she reached over to fix it because it was crooked and has even shown me cute jewelry for it that she found online :)
By kmtau / Wednesday 9 November 2016 21:38 / United States - Fort Worth
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By  zinoxity  |  23

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By  elk17  |  7

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  awesomeamandas  |  34

as others have stated, the people who get piercings or tattoos or any kind of body modification arent doing it to look cool to you, they aren't undergoing the pain of that for other people. they do it because they want to, because they like it. why do people wear blue sweaters? I don't think they look cool, just makes you look like a walking tear drop tbh. if you don't like them don't get one done.

By  zinoxity  |  23

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  tmj25789  |  15

I agree with what you said. Older adults look at piercings and tattoos differently. Some may accept and others do not. If I were you OP, I would just take it out when you go to visit her from now on.

  jocamo  |  20

screw taking it out. I got my tongue pierced years ago and a month after I went to my grandmother's. I just happened to have a nasty cold sore after fighting off a nasty cold (I'd gotten the virus as a child). She thought that I'd gotten the cold sore because of the piercing. I explained that it didn't hurt enough for the stress to cause an outbreak, to Wichita she replied that she meant that I'd caught the virus from the parlor (because they do dirty you know). 15 yrs later I still have the peircing and now also have my nose pierced (nostril not septum). They'll get used to it or just ignore them. sorry for the long post


18 a one word answer is not sufficient enough here. "Slavery" doesn't tell me enough. Did they pierce their nose and drag them by it? Did they pierce their nose to mark them as slaves? Did they pierce their nose as torture? What the hell does it have to do with slavery?

  claudiajean  |  24

Septum piercing were used on slaves in SOME cultures but that is not the entirely symbolism behind it at all. You can look at it being to do with bulls and solidarity, or tribal heritage or due to the hardcore scene even. Or you can think it looks nice (like I do, which is why I have mine pierced) It's people's bodies, let her do what they want

By  sillymama  |  17

Lol. When I pierced my belly button, my grandma told me that I'd catch it on belt and my guys would fall out. I expected nothing less from her either.

By  Rabite  |  19

When I got my first piercing (labret) my mom just told me that she is looking forward to the time when I stop liking it myself. I think that's a nice yet clear comment.

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