By Jakesssss / Friday 10 April 2015 01:02 / United States - Hudson
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By  cutycat136  |  28

Should've seen it coming. Who wouldn't want to try it out after to see if it actually works, and who better to try it out on than the teacher that taught it to you?

  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

It honestly sounded like something I'd do.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

How would they know if they've learnt it correctly unless they try the move out? Joking (kinda). If you don't want the move being done than you should probably let your students know not to do it hard, only in slo-mo; because I can see some students wanting to make sure they're able to do it.


Today, my 5 year old lactose intolerant daughter decided to have some chocolate. The result: me cleaning the bathroom walls at 3am, finishing at 4:30am, and then start cleaning again at 5am when her stomach contents decided I had missed a spot. FML

By Widespread - / Wednesday 18 November 2009 08:43 / Australia
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