By Where is it coming from?! - / Tuesday 10 June 2014 02:46 / United States - Brightwood
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Most likely the stench is new because the mind only "resets" it's smells after about 5 minutes of no contact with the odors. Unless OP never left his house ever before that point, the stench is fresh.


22, not necessarily. Every house has a different smell to it, but you don't usually notice the smell of your own house. You leave in the morning for work, then come home 9 hours later, you will still most likely not smell it.


This is the best advice. I have one friend whose house smells like Asian food and one whose house has an overpowering aroma of burning wood and bacon - neither of them notice that they smell like their house 24/7, much less the fact that their house has a 'smell'

I bet something died in the walls. I would open windows, take out all trash that you can find, check the kitchen cupboards and see if the smell is still there. Maybe invite a friend to help investigate. Good luck.

All houses have their own smell. So maybe you need to burn some candles, melt some wax, spray something...? If you're a clean person then perhaps something died, like a mouse or something, under the fridge, or under the stove or maybe inside the walls.

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