By Cpt_Concerned - / Tuesday 22 September 2009 04:37 / Canada
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  MsTs1  |  0

I hope you die from alcohol intoxication you wuss ass loser, what kind of pussy gets addicted to alcohol , get help you dumbass poser shit

  gonzolove  |  0

MsTs, a lot of people are dependent on alcohol: "Alcohol abuse statistics also tell us that a total of 23 million Americans suffer from substance abuse addiction, and 18 million is alcohol related. Almost three times as many men as women are problem drinkers." http://www.learn-about-alcoholism.com/alcoholism-statistics.html


you need help. you sound like my dad and alchohol changed him from my daddy to Someone I fuckin hate usally I dint like hateing him but he turns into a completly different person I used to be a daddys girl and now I find any excuse not to be home. it really hurts me I want my daddy back and I'm scared he'll never be the same it used to be a weekend thing and now it's an everyday thing. please get help soon for your kids if you have any if not for your self.

By  allmidnighteyes  |  10

The only cure to alcoholism is more alcohol.

By  AndelleRae  |  9

If you truly are an alcoholic, and you want to stop, please get professional help. It's very dangerous to detox on your own. I honestly wish you the best of luck in beating it.

By  Eldorko  |  0

Hey, at least you've figured out that you have a problem. Most people never manage to pull out. My advice is to do what you can now before your problem gets any worse.

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