By ash / Thursday 25 August 2011 22:57 / United States
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  n_epic_fail  |  14

hmmm, shove a bottle up your ass (pretending it's a bleeding vagina) and yea I bet it'll work just fine... at least I hope it does.

  Petey_devil  |  0

2-I would camp in the bathroom. my period gets so bad I get nauseous, break into sweats, and muscle cramps in my arms and legslike dehydration. this fml makes so much sense.

By  lmBobSaget  |  0

Tampons are over rated

  hellbilly205  |  17

Dont drink and drive...you might spill your beer...

By  ItsApril  |  0

Ew, have fun with that messy situation. Pads? lol

By  brinagurl  |  1

Wow, well yuu can always steal...

  hellbilly205  |  17

I love john caparulo...not that any of you know who he is...hes a way better comedian then jeff dunham if you dont think so check him out yourself on netflix or youtube...

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