By jakethemuss / Saturday 9 August 2014 23:03 / Australia - Perth
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  Baustigt  |  40

In fact this is an excellent opportunity. She can eat a piece of charcoal and then when the ring comes out, she can tell all her friends that her ass forged it into a diamond.

  brivielle  |  15

Baby, pls do u mind going through your poop for the next 3days??? And if you find a ring willl u please marry me? Love u. Gotta go

By  Anata_fml  |  10

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  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

I feel like you'd still notice with cake or brownies though. I mean, unless you swallow it without chewing, but even then, wouldn't you notice something hard sliding down your throat?

By  katebond  |  16

maybe the waitress wants to marry you now ;)

  OysterPearls  |  33

What a great story to tell at family gatherings!
"We met at a restaurant when she stole the extremely expensive ring intended for my girlfriend at the time. It was love at first lawsuit."

By  little_star78  |  13

What makes someone think they can get away with something like that? The restaurant she works for would obviously have all her info, it wouldn't be that hard for the police to track her down. Sorry op :( hope you get the ring back or at least had it insured.


Well considering he told her about the ring, put the ring into desert (whatever it was), and then the waitress was the last person to touch it before his girlfriend ate it and the ring was gone.....I'm pretty sure that is proof enough she took it.

  kpetrovski  |  24

Not necessarily... For all we know she DID put it in the dessert; but delivered it to a different table. Sometimes the most obvious answer isn't always what happened.

By  mrbear235  |  6

Or she ate it and your ring got stuck in her intestine... So you're marrying her intestine now?

  meghan7810  |  16

So your logic here is, if the ring is in the intestine then he's only marrying her intestine. Remind me how people only marry the finger of the person they're engaged to.

By  soccer8goalie  |  16

That totally sucks! I hope the waitress gets fired!

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