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To be fair, I did scream "OMG NO! GTF OFFAME!" at the time. It's just that there was no one around but him and me to hear it (it was really early). After that point in time he switched to verbal sexual harassment. =_=
By lifeguardlechery - / Tuesday 14 September 2010 04:15 / United States
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  atticuz  |  2

Oh, don't mind him, he's just my husband. I'd rather him do that sort of stuff here, rather than behind my back. But whose life is really fucked up?


No, someone has to be your superior at work and be harassing you to even begin to have a complaint...and usually the victim just gets revictimized for complaining...if there is no proof or witness, even worse, because then it is he said/she said.

  starile  |  19

5, love your username :) it sounds like a delicious plan
OP: You and the wife should go bake some pies together and not share any with creepy-ass dude, while shooting evil glares at him. He will then surely be repentant of his ways. Nobody can resist pie.

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