By hating my life / Thursday 26 November 2015 07:57 / United States
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By  fmlperson8264  |  16

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  Murilirum  |  23

Do you want some wine to go with all this cheese.

By  tehwolfling  |  13

You can always replace the keyboard on your laptop, I've had to do that when I spilled a glass of milk on mine. A quick Google search of the model number and keyboard replacement should get you set in the right direction. Good luck!

By  CliffyB03  |  28

It's simple. Just soak the laptop in lukewarm water for about an hour, and by then the frosting would become easily removable with just a wipe of a towel. -side note- you will need to get a new laptop after this.

  Mike592  |  18

If they took the battery out and left it dry throughly afterwards this would work fine. The only reason electronics break from water is from short circuiting, which doesn't happen when there is no electricity in the computer.

By  lexred  |  29

Anyone said sticky keys yet? :3

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