By yogapants - / Friday 24 September 2010 20:21 / Switzerland
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  flyersfan365  |  0

what were you doing at yoga class she should have been in the kitchen... jk

  zp5  |  4

you shouldve blamed it on the person right next to you.

then once everyone was staring at you, you shouldve ran.

btw did someone die?
I bet someone smelled it then died right in front of you.
and that was part of the reason you giggled.

  coco_MOO  |  0

"alright ladies, take a deep breath in, & slowly put yourself in the doggie position." (or whatever it's called)

*everyone slowly moves up*

"ahhh!! -giggles- I tooted!!!"

class: 0______o !

  Sonfang  |  19

Sorry op that sucks, but when doing yoga and you smush some of those intestinal spots, gas that was trapped is let out. Unfortunately you did the worst thing possible...you brought attention to yourself :( I know from several different experiences in different classes you should just act like it didn't happen. Meh, just let it go and continue class...everyone farts!

By  aliadnan708  |  6

ydi u shouldn't fart everywhere

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