By Ahlph / Friday 20 May 2011 04:43 /
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By  dtbomb  |  3

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By  dtbomb  |  3

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  Ahlph  |  0

I could Jerry-Rig a towel heater but then I would never get to have the pleasure of showing awed house guests this complex contraption in the bathroom. Classy.

By  Bofferding_fml  |  6

and once you have one, the towel on it will catch fire one night and kill you in your sleep! no more life goal, no reason to keep on living!

By  hockeyrocks39  |  0

Will that fit in a trailer house?

By  Carpy  |  8

Gotta start somewhere in life. At least it's a goal. Some people have no goals at all & could give a shit about what happens to them. So good start anyway.


Those robes are not comfortable though. Not to mention you'll be wearing a wet robe which will make you cold after a few minutes anyway. Luckily for me our dryer is on the other side of the bathroom door so I can just throw our towels in there when we shower :) I hate being cold after a shower so I too want a towel heater one day after we move v

By  Alleged_Cranium  |  7

Just buy an electric oil space heater, the kind that stands about 2 feet tall. Plug it into an electric timer. You lay your towel on it at night and it can heat the towel before you wake up. It's a lot cheaper than a towel warmer.


towel racks/rods are classy....?
I mean...really
it's either wood, plastic or silver/gold plated
aluminum bar you drape a towel over
even the heated racks are just a free standing set of bars with a cord sticking out..

if there's a 'classy' towel rack I love to have it
it would match my classy toilet and shower mat...
maybe it would even match my classy garbage pail...

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