Today, I’m an intern and was given a pile of files. Do I have to process them? Nay! Simply remove all the staples with nothing but my nails. FML

By SuperStagiaire - / Wednesday 15 June 2011 02:54 / India
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By  Tripartita  |  43

And so it comes down to us, the FML community, to solve the OP's problems by suggesting sophisticated out-of-the-box solutions like… scissors or a staple remover. I'm sure neither crossed the OP's mind… over a decade ago.

By  Tarlachia  |  33

Rip the pages off, stack them neatly back together. When confronted about it, say "You asked for the pages to be separated. I figured you'd want someone who's efficient and effective."

By  hilamonster06  |  21

That sounds like part of a hazing ritual, give the new recruit a meaningless task to see if they brake. Stay strong and put em in their place. Remember it's the strong who persevere.

  snarkytruth  |  37

Removing staples is a valid task especially if they're too busy at the moment to get you trained or oriented for a harder project that day. Advising an intern to put the company employees "in their place" isn't the best idea. That's not how you prove you're a team player that's willing to pick up the slack and do the less desirable portions in a project. Everyone pays their dues and pitches in. Besides Grunt work always falls to interns.

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