By exchange - / Thursday 17 December 2009 05:00 / Ireland
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I agree, your doing it to yourself for not trying harder. Stay, there should be a way. If there is a will there is a way. It's that or you really don't care as much as your saying.


that's actually entirely untrue. if you're in a foreign country on a visa and it says "you must leave by X date," then you best be on a plane on/before that date, or you face deportation. this makes being in a long distance (international) relationship quite difficult. see: my life. haha. but well worth it, rest assured!

By  dwire

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Well I m Irish and in the new Budget that was just announced last week the price of alcohol has gone down, bottle of wine down 60c, measures of spirits down 15c and pint s are down 12c


No, you are a fail. Do not attempt to suggest that any FML is not up to par or else you will pay dearly (with free spirits for everyone?).

Sorry now I am from Ireland and the price of a drink has dropped by 12 cent. In no way is that 15%. We did the calculations, for every 42 drinks you buy you get 1 free. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!


No, he's saying worse and worse things happen. If you say "today I died in a car crash and a bird did a poo on me FML" it doesnt sound exciting, because the worse part is over. If you say "today a bird did a poo on me and I died in a car crash FML" it sounds much better

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