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I wanna say he deserves it for this one. Only a moron hides his valuable where he did. Also, knowing you do the laundry, he should inform you of his hiding spot. FYL for dating a dumbass


ionno why but this just screamed WEED to me... and that would really explain his thinking patterns too. fuckin genious.

By  Kukua

Were they his valuables? Or yours? If they were yours, then FYL for sure. If they were his, then he's a mama's boy who obviously has relied on the women around him to do his laundry his whole life.


actually if he puts them there it means that he does all the laundry because he has to remember to take them out


The laundry was already in the washer - he hid his stuff UNDER the laundry already in the machine.

Ok.. So he put dirty landry in the machine and hide things under it? Wow this is really fake or he has bad hiding places...

Hiding valuables is a good idea, but that's kind of a dumb place. Does he hide his alcohol in the oven when some less-than-trustworthy friends come over, or put his pet hamster in the freezer so your neighbour's dog can't get it?

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