By Anonymous / Sunday 23 March 2014 04:05 / Canada - Ottawa
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By  Mynamewontfi  |  40

They've got their priorities straight.

By  FemskyD  |  26

Teenagers hm, theres a reason they have zits :) hope youre okay though!!

  Laurenluvz  |  11

Re-read the FML. It said "The Guy". It doesn't necessarily mean him. OP could have been the one to help though.

By  Mynamewontfi  |  40

They've got their priorities straight.

  mkcontrollers  |  11

He most likely rocked the machine anyways. Going to say YDI

By  mcr2000  |  11

get all the candy then help the guy

  pinkster2014  |  25

Everyone wins!

  Nilorak  |  24

I thought OP was the one stuck.

  ThomasBombadil  |  31

Love how someone from India is saying "brah". And isn't this why all of us visit FML? Just saying.Thanks FML for "finding a common denominator that brings us all together". Sex, love, money, life, death and "whatever turns our crank", aren't we all in the same boat, brah? Peace

  SnazzyPotter  |  17

I was thinking that since the vending machine was broken that he might have been a mechanic trying to fix it and something went wrong causing it to fall on him. I would still like a follow up to find out though.

By  MrsPlague  |  11

I wish I could that I'm surprised. Sorry, OP.

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