By Anonymous / Saturday 6 March 2010 17:13 / United States
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  reyemrein  |  0

Thou hast been a bad Christian! The almighty lord shall damn thee to Hell, along with all of the Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, everyone who was born before Christianity became a religion, and black people!

  visitor_fml  |  0

so you're life is fucked because you told someone who, on the surface, seems to be a spokesperson for some mystical, magical creature in the sky? I think you will be ok.

  ReyEr9412  |  0

Oh No now you will have to go to Hell along with 99.9% of everyone else. Get some caller ID and then go and listen to a child molester tell you fairy tales.

  AlmothePirate  |  0

@109, sorry your bitter. some of us truly do mean good when we say "I'll pray for you." you just assumed a certain tone with it that may or may not have been intended. sure a lot of religious people say it in a judgemental tone. And they make all the rest of us look like douchebags. just don't lump us into the same catergory because they piss me off just as much as they piss you off.

By  KurouTenshi  |  0

just tell that religious nut freak to piss off. oh wait, you already did! :D step 1 accomplished! ^^ way to stay ahead of the game!

  treesdevin  |  0

it is 2010.... why did we elect George bush for 2 terms....why haven't we found a cure for cancer...why is weed still illegal in the U.S...why are they're kids dying everyday from starvation.??????????? why is our world so fucked up.???? answer me that please

  dontgiveacrap  |  0

In order: Because he was the better choice. Because there's too much money to be made in "cancer research". Because too many law makers are brainwashed into believing the anti-weed propaganda. Because people keep having babies they can't feed. Our world is fine, it's rotating on it's axis like it always has been, orbiting it's local star. It's the people ON the World that are fucked up.

  treesdevin  |  0

haa sorry this was to another comment...but umm technically..your vote doesn't mean shit...the electoral college decides who's gonna be our president...not us that's why he was re elected....they're rhetorical questions ftw

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