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his view of you might make things awkward and such but I suggest gping after him anyway, who cares what others think or say.


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Your coworker needs to grow up, OP, you can go for it if you want, you don't need to feel bad or embarrassed about who you like just because your coworker is being a jerk :P

OP, your coworker is an ass and is desensitized to your situation. Don't feel bad or embarrassed. I've been friend zoned and it hurts, but you can either move on or you can get what you want, with some work of course. Just be careful as that could easily ruin a friendship. Is it worth the risk?


The term 'friend zoned' is silly though, it's not like he deliberately decided not to be attracted to her just to stop her getting in a relationship with him. It sounds like it's a good thing that she has a friend who feels so close and protective of her, why make that sound like a bad thing?


Getting freind-zoned by a guy means he has someone else in mind he thinks is better. The way to undo it is to show how awesome you really are! 1) Do awesome sHIT 2) Post pictures of that shit on FB 3) Get noticed (by him or someone else who's worth your time :P) 4) PROFIT!!

Lucky for you, you aren't actually related. Does your friend know about your feelings? Maybe he only says you're like a little sister because he doesn't want to make things weird. You can only try, but be aware that it will affect your friendship.

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