By Me / Wednesday 7 March 2012 18:24 / United States
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  LiveLaughFML  |  10

I can't really blame the other person. Unless they had cruel intentions or looked at you for longer than they should have, of course. If I walked into a stall and saw a giant hole on the wall, I'd look in it too out of curiosity. (If I didn't know someone was already in the other stall)

  Clozzie  |  0

Either choose the stall with the broken handle and hold it shut with your foot OR Choose the stall with the hole and use toilet roll to cover it up.

  wittygirl  |  8

Lol thanks for trying to be on my ass about it, I'm human everyone has their off days. So pardon me witty police I swears I won't do it again please don't spank me.

By  alyspar2  |  5

Wait, which one did you go to...?

By  hateevryone  |  14

so im guessing you picked the one with the crack in the wall?

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