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Ugh, I've been there, OP. Since then, I swore off week-long dinners. I can now get through about three meals a day, and guests don't have to spend multiple nights on a single dish!

Lol this FML reminds me of when my friends threw a party at their place and let one of the drunk guests sleep over since he obviously couldn't drive home. He ended up staying over for 2 weeks. They even tried to get him to leave by saying they were going over to family's house for dinner. Nope, he ended up tagging along to the family dinner too, haha. Make the asshole mooch pay rent.


Me neither. If it's necessary remove him physically, shut the door and if he stays at the door and waits for a moment to get back in call the cops.


Some people are just overly nice to the extent that people take advantage and walk all over them. The OP and her family could be like this. My grandma is similar, she's let tons of people stay with her over the years, even when they start disrespecting her house and wear out their welcome. She just doesn't have the heart to tell them to leave once she invites them in. Maybe, like my grandma, the OP needs to work on being more firm, and learning that there's a line between being nice and being a pushover.

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