By Miroslav208 - / Thursday 20 October 2011 14:32 / United States
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  akayc32  |  0


  LardZilla  |  11

Now what rock were you living under again? Was it the big sandy one on the right or the small one on the left?

  mk58  |  31

You idiots who don't know who that is: it's called Google. And while you're at it, look up Casey Anthony too.

  akayc32  |  0

16, ever heard the phrase "google it"? At any rate:she is a little girl who was "allegedly" murdered by her mom(Casey Anthony) who covered up the fact she was missing, she was found not guilty by a group of retards this summer.


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  alpaquette91  |  9

You just bought a bran new meaning to the phrase EPIC FAIL!

  copy125  |  0

I'm pretty sure se mean Casey* instead of Caylee

  mishkaroni  |  15

I don't think so...dressing up as Casey wouldn't be highly offensive and inappropriate since people dress up as murdereds all the time. Whereas dressing up as Caylee, like OP stated, would be considered so, since she was a victim and child.

  DjeePee  |  24

"Come on #1, I live in a different continent and I know who she was..."

Come on #29, I live in a different continent and the only missing American girl I know is Maddie McCann. And yes, we could always have googled it, but aren't we all terrible lazy bastards?

  raphanne_fml  |  33

#83 As #97 said the girl you mentioned was British.

Laziness is not an excuse, if you have time to ask a question here, then you have the 2 minutes it takes to google it. It's not that fucking hard, is it?

By  Skaterdude243  |  4

Lol i would go as casy


TROLOLOLOLOLOL strikes again!

  Akai_fml  |  4

Exactly! I marked this one YDI, because really, everyone deserves to be with someone with a vibrant sense of humor. The OP is very lucky, even if she doesn't realize it yet.

  max_wilder  |  9

You should go as a couple casey and caylee

By  LardZilla  |  11

People like that need to grow up.

By  gracetaylor  |  0

whos that?


Read other comments before you ask questions.

By  allen2688  |  6

Sorry who is that?

By  mk58  |  31

What a fucking douchebag.

By  blacknail3dfr3ak  |  3

It's a free country.. He can do what he whats


Especially a deceased infant. Any douchebag that shows up to a Halloween party with tape across their mouth deserves to get their a$$ kicked. That's really pushing the limit too far.

  mramnauth  |  0

You've got a rockin body ;]

By  Kdawgg01  |  2

You mean casey. I dont think its a big deal. Halloween stores all over sell other monsters' masks. As long as she doesn't profit from it

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