By Anonymous / Saturday 1 November 2014 05:47 / United States - Queen Creek
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By  abattior  |  18

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How is it his loss in any way?!? Plus of someone got my style wrong, I'd feel kind of offended, but if my friend would explain I'd understand. OP so just try to talk to your friend!

  NellieeNell  |  18

Offended? I would actually feel honored. You should just explain to him that you meant no harm. I'm sure if you break it down for him that you find his style to be unique he might actually start to feel better about you being him for Halloween.

By  gracehi  |  31


  chuka81  |  27

I am not a grammar nazi.

  Im2Shy  |  16

I am not an idiot.....I can clearly see my mistake. Or should I say my phones mistake because this isn't the first time auto correct has fucked me up and I'm sure it won't be the last time either.

  lb0812  |  18

I don't think he's offended by his own style. Halloween costumes tend to be a caricature or exaggeration of the person being imitated, which, in some cases, could be understandably offensive to someone who is more sensitive. Not saying OP was wrong in their intentions, but that doesn't necessarily make the friend wrong in their emotions.

By  pic516  |  9

Tell him to change his tampon and get over it

Well thats a big hole you've dug yourself in. (Ill lead myself out)

By  LaLince  |  40

"Never been so offended in his entire life" seems to me a little exagerate from him..

By  Nina825  |  21

Uhmm its halloween ?!! So you are free to do be who you want on that day !!

  Nina825  |  21

Awwwww i ddnt mean to offend u but i was pointing no need op to get mad.... Because what op needs to do is talk to his friend and explain grow up..

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