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By  Zanquis  |  20

By  Zanquis  |  20

  TiggyBonkers  |  31


  Zanquis  |  20

So posting a alternative comment with a bit of humor to help someone to get her BF over the size is everything idea is a bad thing and needs downvoting ☺

By  lestatsbride  |  3

I've not been with a whole lot of men but I have enough experience to relay that his estimate for the most part actually isn't incorrect, the taller someone is the larger they tend to be

By  garrettwood21  |  2

No it really just makes sense that the bigger you are in height, the bigger you are everywhere else. A 5inch slong might look normal on a short person, but it would look tiny on a tall person

By  dlynn  |  8

If you're happy with his size, just let him know it, and make sure he actually believes you, that's all that matters -because he's not necessarily wrong. Penis size isn't only determined by height, but it sure is a big factor

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