By MiceMiles - / Thursday 10 December 2015 12:34 / United States - Seattle
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By  pphead  |  5

I can kind of see where he's coming from..

  NeatNit  |  32

Yeah. I mean, if you redefine 1 foot to be the approximate size of a mouse's foot, then redefine all the other units proportionally... Totally makes sense. On a completely unrelated note, I have never heard the term 'mouse mile' or any other animal's mile. Where the hell did that though even come from?

  Tiber_fml  |  12

I see what he's saying if mice measured things it would be different like monkey miles, dog miles, elephant miles or bird miles Is nautical miles the same as land miles? kinda like Europe uses the metric system and US doesn't

  mudkipsan  |  19

I mean, our miles are roughly based on the Roman mile, which was meant to be 1,000 paces. I suppose a mouse mile would be 1,000 mouse paces. It might even be minimally useful, in that a (human) mile walk for a person is not much in terms of effort, but for a mouse it's an epic journey. That said, I'm not sure how one comes to the conclusion that this is an actual, practical, measurement. Like most FMLs, I'd love to have some context to this one.

By  dideldoodles  |  17

Tell him you love him in mouse miles

By  Queen_bee1234  |  21

Small like his brain.

  spookyboy  |  20

I didn't say it isn't still 3 miles. I'm just saying if a turtle and a person had to walk 3 miles the human would finish faster. Both still did three miles just one would do it faster.


Today, I tried a soup sample at a supermarket. An employee then came over and started asking me questions about how I got the cup for the sample, telling me it wasn't store policy to just give out sample cups. I was so stressed that I broke down crying in the middle of the supermarket. FML

By gracewinchester - / Friday 10 October 2014 06:57 / United States - Eugene

Today, I found out that getting caught in a barbed wire fence isn't as bad as it sounds. Running through a forest at night, tripping over one, rolling down an embankment, and getting swiped by a car, however, is. FML

By Why_Not31 / Thursday 1 September 2011 21:58 / United States
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