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Imagine a world in which you’ll be able to comment on the FMLs and become a voice of a generation thanks to your amazing humor and witty banter. Without an account, that will remain a pipe dream.

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The members have their own private message service, which means that they can send each other messages, tips, recipes, weather warnings and advice on how to catch seabass.

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Made the mistake of drinking while reading, and an FML made orange juice come out of your nose? Now you can relive that moment by adding it to your favorites. It’ll even go on the move with you if you have FML on your phone. See, magic can exist.

Collect badges

Go badge hunting by undertaking certain tasks on the website. The actual point of the badges hasn’t actually been explained yet, but they’re a whole bunch of fun. The website’s creator said so, so there. And that was said in all objectivity, of course.