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By  mikeyellenlee  |  0

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By  evelyn_3883  |  0

some ppl are being assholes. Especially the person that sed "Silly person with the dry vagina and/or girlfriend with dry vagina. Try oral before penetration next time...dumbass. " That was wrong and very rude to say. I don't care who u are and what ur vagina is like. Everyone has their own sexual experiences and everything. So I guess what Im saying is that u shouldn't make fun of ppl that have found out things the hard way. Every one is different and learns differently.

By  Taihen  |  0

@27: Mostly water based isn't entirely water. Anything else in there can cause a reaction, even if it's only a small ammount. My big sis is really allergic to nuts, if something she eats was made with a spoon that stirred something else with nuts in it she'll generally react bad enough to have to go to the hospital. It sucks but allergies don't care about quantity...

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