By shadysheikh / Wednesday 29 October 2014 04:55 / Canada - Calgary
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  joeyl2008  |  29

No it wasn't. The correct answer is to ask her questions a long the lines of "how long have you been in the market for a pen?" Or " what kind of pen are you looking for?". Then use her answers to try and sell her the pen.

  rosheno  |  4

Might if been better if he compared the pens and gave reasons why the one he wants to sell is superior, or just try to sell him a second pen.

  EchoSerenity  |  15

Hey if it's a pen they'll be writing their name with, they're going to want one that looks good when doing so. Like the gel point or fine tipped pens. If you got a business going you'll want an impressive signature :D

By  TheLostLegend  |  2

How did he know?!!!!

By  Perfectly_Killer  |  14

he wasn't prepared for all your awesomeness.

  AviatOfficial  |  20

it came like a wreaking ball :p


Today, five minutes before closing, a woman came in to buy over $300 worth of clothing from the sales rack. My manager and I had to ring it all up, de-sensor it, fold it, bag it, etc. After it was all rung up, her credit card was declined. FML

By IntoTheClouds - / Friday 23 May 2014 02:32 / United States - Burlington

Today, one of my bosses said, "You're going to take this as an insult, but it's not. At a certain age, women are supposed to cut their hair short." I have long hair. My bosses have all of the social skills of the guys from Big Bang Theory. FML

By Irreverend - / Tuesday 23 July 2013 04:23 / United States - Mchenry
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