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  NeatNit  |  43

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  raphanne_fml  |  43

#27 Mc Donalds is pretty expensive here in France compared to North America (that's where I assume OP is from). She could go to a little family restaurant and pay the same price for a menu at fast food restaurants.

  raphanne_fml  |  38

The funny thing is that there are more foreigners eating snails in France than French people doing it because "it's the French thing to do." Snails are nothing exceptional. They're as good as the sauce they're in.

  Enslaved  |  21

I understand they call the fries by a different name, "Pomme Frit" (language differences) but why would they hate that name itself? And how do they feel about that American cheese on those burgers?


Also, technically they're called fried apples. Sure, it's because pommes frites (fried apples) is much easier to say than pommes de terre frites (fried earth apples = potatoes), but it's still quite amusing for anyone studying the language instead of growing up with it.

  Whotevah  |  21

Indeed, #32 french fries originate from Belguim. When world war one began, many people spoke french there, and the people who spoke english, soldiers and all the like, came up with giving it the name french fries as they ate it.

  raphanne_fml  |  21

#29 A lot of people call it plastic cheese. And yes, we don't necessarily hate the name "French fries", we just think it's weird, just like "French beans" and "French kiss". We say fries, beans and kiss.

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