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Hey guys! OP here. So let me explain what happened a little more. My friend and I are studying the same thing and the job is related to our field. I told her that I was applying there because I thought she would do the same thing if she would've found out about the opportunity. She only likes to take initiative when she thinks I'm going to be doing something that furthers my career and takes it like a competition. Anyway, she applied almost immediately after i told her and got an interview on the same day as I did. The mix up was due to a new intern mixing up our resumes since we came in at about the same time and we have similar backgrounds. The manager called and said he would handle it if I wanted to and I was about to say yes (because I was agitated on how unfair it was) and something stopped me. I didn't want to lose a friend over a job and she is quite grudgeful so I don't need that in my life. As fate would have it, I was offered an even better paid internship in Europe working along really great people and I couldn't be happier. Wow this is long but, anyway, thanks for everyone's advice!
By speaknoevil1 - / Friday 29 January 2016 06:03 / United States - Gainesville
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  TheLynx_fml  |  20

And this is down voted because why?

  cheeeksss  |  29

If the friend is a true friend, they would be happy for OP. It wasn't OP's fault that the company made a mistake. No reason to let it taint the friendship.

  josh8215  |  21

I'd ask if they'd be willing to hire both of them at half the hours.

  TheNewGuy03  |  26

This is an entirely weird situation from my perspective. Do they not verify the identities of people they hire before they hire them? Did they just call OP's friend, say, "You're hired," and hang up without getting a response? I sincerely have never heard of this. But yes ... if OP is the most qualified candidate, they should be hiring her, unless there is nepotism, which doesn't seem likely in this case.

By  brainymes  |  30

Agh I'm sorry for that predicament OP, crazy that they can't just hire you both!


Why did anyone dislike your comment? maybe they did it on accident.

By  MyrmidonQueenn01  |  9

Your friend orginally did not want it, you did. If she's a true friend, she will understand OP


first off I never stated she didn't want it, I said she ORIGINALLY DID not want it. bc I skipped over the sentence where it said applied on SAME day. yes I can read, just misunderstood calm downn

  aruden  |  19

So #5 you never said she "didn't" want it you just said she "did not" want it? Thanks for clearing up how you got that info from this FML.

By  Tytonic  |  16

Would saying YDI here also be saying op deserved the position?

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