By bym / Monday 13 October 2008 08:23 /
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  grace9856  |  0

how is it life f*cked??? u got braces, BIG DEAL. I had them 2, ur lucky u only hav 2 hav them for 2 years, lots of ppl hav 2 have them for 4 years. so stfu and stop complaining

  junkboy  |  4

im commenting on one of the first posts on fml o.O

  howie321  |  0

how are braces cute?

By  Lorraine_fml  |  0

No big deal.
and as you said. Handsome guy for two years. He's already dating you..I don't know how bad your teeth were/are but I do know that braces definitely make your teeth a lot better. So there's nothing to worry about. :)


Today, I was watching the news. Apparently a local pizza shop was shut down after pictures of a hundred cockroaches scuttling on the make table were posted online. In my hand was a slice of the pizza I had ordered there yesterday. FML

By Oh my god ew - / Wednesday 3 January 2018 10:19 /
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