By OUCH. / Thursday 17 November 2011 21:27 / United States
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Woah! Your orthodontist is a piercer as well?! That's kinda cool!

  missmady  |  0

there was another fml exactly like this a while ago..

  MagicallyFat  |  12

I wish I can get m braces off (I just got them back on)

OP take my advice and wear your retainers religiously. I was a moron so I didn't wear them and my teeth shifted back to their bad position. And I had to put them back on.

  ohsheet  |  8

After 3 1/2 years, i'm finally getting my braces off November 29!!!


I got mine on In Juin... another year and a half to go :'(

  chinkychick  |  16

but this person lives in Canada....

  mikeduse  |  0

138 ur a fucking moron, probabaly American cause everyone in Canada speaks english except for Quebec and some people in Ontario.... And some Asian in Vancouver

  macdaddymady  |  8

Op some would consider you lucky.


I only had to get 3 brackets and wear 2 rubber bands on back right) for a cross-bite. Then I went the invisalign route. So glad I didn't have to deal with a mouth full of metal. The 4 months of having those rubber bands on were hell.

By  xJebu  |  8

Ha ha

By  ThatFatGuyBehind  |  3

I got mine off september, except without the blood, and dumbass nurses

By  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

Fight fire with fire. In this case, I know a good place to pierce a hole..

By  mismonroe  |  0

At no extra charge, you should be thanking him.

By  chrissymari3  |  1

now, u are officially a g!

By  hayleclark  |  17

tongue piercings are nasty. FYL

  lilpurplekat  |  9

that is why all of my jewelry is bioplast or acrylic. I've had mine for 2 years and I've had absolutely no damage. if I wear metal jewelry the bottom ball hits my bottom 2 front teeth Which if repeated over time would cause them to break.

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