By bubblegummm13 / Sunday 27 September 2009 04:30 / Canada
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Yea, wheres the fml? This is a good thing. If you are so fucking proud you can't accept your 'financial instability', then that is an fml, in the truest sense that it is not just a moment that is fucked, but your whole, insignificant, life that is fucked. Majorly fucked. Like, way major.


"They think" ... so what? If the lotto people thought you won the lotto when you did not would you tell them to go stick it up their ass? What the hell is wrong with you? Take the food. Meet people. Get free help.


I don't understand why this is a fml don't snubb it you probaly need it. oppertunities like that helped my sister pay for a college education and is helping me at the moment pay for college. go for it sometimes you just need to swollow your pride.

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So? Students are meant to be poor unless they're living off their parents or working way too hard. It's not really embarrassing that they'd think that, and it's nothing to turn your nose up at if you are poor.

Your university is going to give you FREE FOOD and probably SCHOLARSHIP MONEY. How is this an FML at all??? I'll take your scholarship off your hands.... I'll be a "charity case".... You really are lucky to get selected for something like that. You should be more appreciative.

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