By can you read? / Friday 8 April 2016 19:55 / United States
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  Mathalamus  |  23

the court could easily end up more expensive than the ticket. and im pretty sure courts dont have an instant win condition.

  duhitisme  |  9

Cops are just ppl. Brilliant to total dumbass. Like a box of chocolate you never know what you'll get. You did right by talking sense and figuring out you got Einstein and taking the ticket. Show the judge and you win. No show and pay a fine

  airforce987  |  20

Absolutely fight it. Not sure what the policy is in OP's state, but normally a traffic hearing costs around $25. Bring proof of insurance and the magistrate will have no choice but to drop it since the officer cited you didn't have insurance.

  CaptMacLeod  |  45

In California, if you register to fight it, and you show but the officer doesn't, you win. You will need to pay the full amount of the ticket (bail) in advance, but will get it fully refunded when you "win." Even if the officer shows up, you have proof you DID have insurance on the date of the ticket being written. Your insurance company will happily fax/email you proof if you ask. Easy win, if still a pain-in-the-ass to deal with.


Still have to spend a bunch of time going and proving it.

By  chuckmaddah  |  17

Well if it's worth it you can always go to court to argue against the cop and the ticket. Also you can report the cop for the incident. But depending on where you live, court can be expensive.

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