By chrono19 / Sunday 4 May 2014 10:11 / United States - Bremerton
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By  Robtranis  |  11

I bet your room is now a gym room for them.

  mmaaccii17  |  7

I see what you did there

By  Bafrinn  |  14

At Least You Got Your Stuff Back.

By  4funzies  |  13

I'm just going to say a simple 'sorry' OP.

  4funzies  |  13

k. thanks guys.


it was their stuff....in what is technically someone else's apartment. if the parents dont want it there either then there isnt anything wrong with that. I dont get how this is a fml...parents arent saying she isnt welcome back home or that they dont love her. they probably just wanted to use the soace. obviously they believe she can make it on her own enough to not move back home soon.

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