By minecraftwilldie / Thursday 2 June 2011 16:52 / United States
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By  chiddy_bang71  |  0

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  falconcadet  |  0

more like a creeper!

  CoconutMuffin  |  5

1- Is that Sasha Peirterese (spelling is off?) from Pretty Little Liars.

  6joe9  |  0

wow what a nerd !

  Melvar_10  |  3

If my gf were playing minecraft and I wanted to do her, I'd just eat her out or something and she would die by a creeper, give up, and we'd do our own mining and crafting

  shannonreneee  |  11

I'd hand cuff him and do what I want. His game can get stuffed.

  LordLiam316  |  0

253 - have you played minecraft?! I don't think there's a single person that has played it and not loved it. In minecraft you can mine til lava and bedrock, but if you're in a chicks cave and you see lava gtfo and stay out of there til her periods over :/

By  Jamber88  |  0

What a dick.


76- He probably said no to spite her. Even if he wanted sex he still probably wanted to play Minecraft and if he caved now she would probably use getting sex as a weapon to get her way all the time. So I think he made the right decision!

  Bizenghastly  |  0

#3- ops not a dick,his gf is kinda a bitch. why couldn't she just hang out w him for a while until he felt like sex? seriously, even if she wasn't really interested in it if she truly cared about him she could at least humor op and spend some time enjoying his company rather just his dick, no? ^_^

  Drigr  |  8

it's seems women complain on here when their men only want sex. they ALSO complain when their men DON'T want sex. it's kinda like if we lie we are ass holes, if we tell the truth, we are ass holes...

  YacL  |  15

208- Women will do anything and everything to get a man in trouble with her. Well, MOST women will, not all of them. There are women that are understanding and things like that.

By  chiddy_bang71  |  0

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im guessing youve never had sex ?lol

  falluke17  |  0


  dabo_fml  |  0

portal sucks

  CitrusGirl  |  0

I know they're different. I've played minecraft before and enjoyed it. But my games of choice have puzzles/mazes (Portal & Mirrors Edge) or interesting stories (Fallout, Elder Scrolls series, Assassins Creed).

By  whiteboy7thst  |  2

I think you should sell his computer on eBay and use the money to hire a hooker to have sex with.

  MrSassypants  |  31

53 it might not be him. I saw other people pose as other YouTube celebrities. It might be him though or might be a fanboy. Or a fangirl... meow! JK... not really... (=^_^=)

By  jmart110  |  0

Just jump his bones!
Something is seriously wrong if he doesn't want to have with you!

By  the_huldra  |  1

Bitch minecraft is sick as hell, no one would ever choose your fat ass over minecraft.

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