By Anonymous / Tuesday 29 November 2011 00:01 / United States
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  Ghoztencountr  |  0

Op haven't you ever heard of the saying sharing is caring :p


At least the mom didn't wrap the gifts and give them back to the OP... My friends mom would take the likes of half burnt candles and used toiletries, wrap them, and give them as gifts to me and my friend on Christmas. She wasn't even hard up, just doped up on booze and prescription pills. We would laugh about it then, but in reality I'm sure it was really hard on my friend seeing her mom like that for most of her childhood. FYL, Op, if your mom is anything like my friends, you might want to stage an intervention with family.

  cjade5  |  0

It says she took a few... At least you have more and they aren't ALL gone. That's just my assumption though. Don't penalize me if I'm wrong.

By  sambyrdPF  |  4

That sucks... hahaha!

By  goldfishgod  |  20

Sharing is caring.

  flockz  |  19

here's some used condoms. i only wear them to protect my lady from my warts....

but it doesn't matter because i care about you and I'm willing to share.

  silver848  |  6

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