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It does not matter if the mother bought the clothes, if they were purchased with the intention of being for her kid, then they are not the mother's clothes, they are the kid's clothes, so they actually have all the say. It's controlling and manipulative to claim entitlement over something when you get something for someone else. It's almost like giving a gift, if you purchase something for someone else, it now belong to them, which means you need to ask if you want to use it.

She's probably just being cautious, so that you don't find her hidden items in there. That hidden object might be a powerful back massager.


Why not? Maybe she just doesn't want to share this very pleasurable device with her daughter, as this is for her own personal pleasure.


If the daughter is old enough to where the mother can fit into her clothes, I don't think a "secret vibrator" is going to be much of an issue.


Not necessarily #20. My 14 yr old cousins are almost the same exact same size as their 43 yr old mom. Thin and petite. This might be the case here.

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My best friend had a similar problem, only part was her mom would not only wear her clothes, but completely take them and put them in her own closet. Sometimes she'd get new clothes, only wear them once, and then they'd disappear and she'd find it months/years later in her mom's closet. Eventually she got fed up and put a lock on her bedroom door because she was tired of her clothes going missing. I think it's fine to share clothes, but ask permission first, unless there's a mutual understandin

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