By WamBamSam / Wednesday 21 November 2012 09:54 / United Kingdom - Kidderminster
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  MoneyStacks  |  4

Nah, really? I though it wasn't supposed to be nasty o.0 Retard

  mario2012  |  18

Cum on now 2. Are you really gonna do those puns?

  raycj  |  1

Urane about to tell that homeless guy off are you?


well op's in a salty situation now isn't she

  witchdoctor1  |  9

Hey. He's entitled toilet his opinion out. It may piss you off a little bit, but let it go, he's just being a wee bit of a buzzkill. Don't be such a wet blanket. Just smile and winkie that he tried his best ;P

By  buck33  |  14

Maybe urine is a good cleaner? No... Probably not...

By  loserman67  |  35

New, Windex with urine, gives your windows that streak-free shine and yellowish hue. I work in the depths of Philadelphia, Pa. and whenever the homeless start walking towards my car, I make sure my winndows are up and the dorrs are locked. I suggest you learn from your experience

  joe502  |  3

It is called he needed a few bucks for his next crack fix.... I am sorry to say but I believe you have given a bad name to the Dumass Family...

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