By Username / Thursday 23 June 2011 08:17 / United States
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By  Melofa  |  7

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  Badshah29  |  6

hey da dad spent lots on his kid to get him to grow up and be able to earn. He has every right to get some money back :p


Actually, 'da dad' does NOT have a right to take their childs money simply because they take care of them. Parents are legally obligated to take care of their kids, kids hoeever are not obligated to pay for daddy's divorce.

  Badshah29  |  6

u guys say that it was the dads responsibility to provide necessities 4 his kid growing up. Well now its the kid's responsibility to help his old age father

  monzach  |  5

and the dad could've asked for some money instead of trying to steal it. plus we don't even know if the dad has financial problems, he might just be stingy

By  Dr_Amazing  |  1

Get your own bank account. Problem solved.

By  omfg_creepers  |  8

go take money out of his savings account to buy a gun and shot him in his chest area so he dies for the troubles he has given you

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