By Biological - / Thursday 11 February 2010 12:22 / United States
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  jasonsaied  |  1

hahahaha awesome

  Menick47  |  0

How is that funny?! I mean they thought they were adopted! I would feel so sad if I knew that! If I ever made them mad, I would feel like they adoptede just to cause problems! That is terrible! I hope they appologized!

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Me too! That is hilarious! I can see how it happened because kids are impressionable and your mom probably played along when you first asked then forgot all about it.

Wrong of them to suggest you call around to the agencies and join the search boards. Downright cruel of them to tell you your biological mom sold you to them for crack.

  lem0n_fml  |  0

Who says OP is crying? Not everything on FML is about terrible, devestating occurances. It's about inconveniences in your life. 22 years is an awful long time to play a prank.


When I was little, my Dad would continuously tell me growing up that he would sell me to the goat farmer at the Pittsburgh Paints store. for no reason at all. They didn't have enough spare bedrooms in the house for me, so I could just sleep in a doghouse with their pet billygoat. I cried in fear of abandonment everytime we took a drive into the neighboring city.

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