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By  uzee

well the second thing leads to the first - he gave her a raise because she gave him a raise first :D


If your daughter likes you, then your probably being payed more than everyone else in the company, excluding herself and very high up employees.

So that's what it means when someone says you're gonna be on the business end of my dick. Sleeping with the boss. Nice. :p

Daddy gets daughter a job= congratulations. Daddy thinks he's making more money= I've got one over on her. Daddy finds out she's making more than him= fuck. Daddy finds out she's sleeping with the boss= priceless. For everything else. It's the vagina wins.

why fyl? you should be proud that she is making more. you should always want your kids to be better. as for the boss, you should be happy for her. ydi for bitching


13 I don't think being better includes sleeping your way to the top. But, if that is how you think you can better yourself...

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