By Xav_Cad / Sunday 11 January 2009 11:14 / France
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what exactly IS cs gas???

  yessirre  |  4

Incase they get robbed smarty pants

By  freelantic  |  0

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  mccutie936  |  6

Its not deoderant asshole

By  marines_fml  |  0

Well...wat would The marines Do.... Idk im jk

By  xyzkid13  |  0

Why in the heck would tear gas be under the counter in the first place?
Not COMPLETELY your fault, but you shouldn't have tried a random deordorant that was in a snack food counter. Almost YDI, almost.

  MiGman  |  5

#14 it was probably a small canister of it and not a grenade. and for other people: off there was a robber I'm pretty sure you wouldn't unleash some CS

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