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This makes me wonder if OP skipped breakfast or something, because while skipping a meal isn't a pleasant experience, you shouldn't be so starved that you resort to antacid tablets. I'm inclined to think that OP is just a little weak-willed, because for most people, missing a meal won't hurt anything. In fact, it can do more good than harm if you do it in a controlled fashion (not compulsively from a mental disorder); many people, including myself, will intermittently fast. I'm sorry that OP forgot their lunch, but the human body is easily capable of going on without food for a few extra hours... suck it up next time, don't go eating out of the medicine cabinet just because you're not used to being really hungry.


Could also have an undiagnosed medical condition like diabetes or pregnancy. If I go too long on an empty stomach I get extremely nauseous (sometimes to the point of heaving). Pregnancy makes the amount of time ridiculously short (approx 2hrs). Eating too soon after waking also = nauseous.


They could have also asked a co-worker for some money, right? I am sure they would have understood the situation and as long as they were paid back everything should have been alright.

If you are so broke you can't afford to just get a new lunch, how about ask a co-worker to maybe split theirs and explain the situation. I'm sure you could find somebody who would give up half a sandwich... or maybe just buy you a new lunch altogether..

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