By yeah / Friday 22 June 2012 03:07 / United States
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  brackaman  |  18

The rocky song maybe as well?

  G3K0  |  7

This comment is completely irrelevant.

  muzy  |  23

28- but he didn't let that loss keep him down. He came back and won. OP don't forget that a loss is just as valuable as a win so Keep at it.

  raraisbang  |  12

161, wow you're cool.

  egc573  |  40

Couldn't agree more 26. Plus, it was the OP's first time. Who ever expects to succeed on the first try? I mean, if they do, it's usually because of luck, not skill.


47 I wouldn't say it is all luck, there is still a level of skill that anyone who trains should have before they step in the ring, sparring is one thing but if a person is not ready for a fight their coach should be professional enough to not let them step into the ring.

  egc573  |  40

I was actually referring to first times in general (your first driving lesson, your first job, etc.). Those kinds of things you don't exactly prepare for. You pretty much HAVE to mess up to really get better at all.

Then again, I know nothing about martial arts, so maybe those first times are different. Nevertheless, OP should keep trying!


56, you got a point, you are bound to get your ass kicked at some point when you start out, I know that when starting say BJJ you are just a body for the upper ranks to do w/e to. So I understand now what you meant abou luck.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

4 has a very good point, at least on the second half of the comment. I think it would give you more motivation to train harder :-). The same exact thing happened to my friend and he trained for over s year.

  austin101123  |  3

That's not true. A combination of watching the pros and practicing is key. You have to KNOW what to do before you do it. I watch MLB and practice to get better; it works well for me.

By  alexphyllis  |  5

I suggest a new dream. With less unconsciousness.


Or you can keep jumping off buildings hoping God will give you wings. Time to find a new career path, OP.

  SpartanCEL  |  6

I agree with 111, a guy who used to be my schools Spanish teacher, let that settle in, was and is an professional fighter(I believe UFC, but I just know he can use his arms and legs) He's nicknamed the "Spaniard"

By  tannerianian  |  11

Maybe fighting isn't your thing. Join the peace core!


You're fucking beautiful. I love you.


Today, my mother-in-law got her driver's license, despite being prone to fainting, seizures, and being on so much medication that she sometimes forgets where she is. She now wants to drive us to all our family functions, and my father-in-law won't object because he doesn't want to damage her self-esteem. FML

By PhoenixChick - / Tuesday 8 September 2015 18:54 / United States - Champaign
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