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By  Nysha

Yeah, if that person somehow didn't know that a replacement was being hired, that is 100% the company's problem and not yours. (It may also be that they want more than one person in the role, so this may be someone you'll be working with quite closely)

Think of it this way, OP...If an employer shows that level of consideration to applicants, he's probably not treating his employees any better. Things work out the way they do for a reason. You'll find a place that suits you better.

still follow-up... they could be filling two positions with the same title and job function but reporting to different managers/supervisors. happened to me literally a month ago so I was glad I contacted them and still had the job


That's my thought too...we have many, many people who share the title that I have, 6 within my office and 100's throughout all office locations. It could very well be a senior level person of that title coving while the manager is away.

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