By jmac - / Sunday 11 March 2012 03:06 / United States
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By  Jiinxx  |  8

sucks to be you, eh?

  Bobissmall  |  13

My goddamn #14, do you really think that all memes and things like "derp" only come from reddit? This is why the rest of the internet, especially 4chan, hate redditors.

  CrassKal  |  27

I'm unsure which would have been a better area to take a knife. The feet contain a lot of nerve endings, so they feel a lot more pain, but the knee is the most complicated joint in the body.

By  xattitudegurlx  |  13

How did it manage to hit your knee?

By  bungee_fml  |  9

One word - Ouch.


"Today while cooking, I dropped a knife and it gave me a cut on my crotch that started bleeding. I called an ambulance and the paramedic was a super hot chick. I got a boner and then the blood started shooting out of the cut on my dick. FML"

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

I used to cook like you, but then- well, actually no.... I've never managed to drop a sharp object only to impale a seemingly out-of-risk part of my body, how does one cook like you again?

  mentalkayse  |  7

Yeah, is the knife ok?

By  ABiggerPenus  |  0

Almost took a knife to the knee there.

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