By The Last One - / Sunday 11 March 2012 06:39 / Canada
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By  DontClickOnMe  |  28

Well I'm guessing you saw who it was and now you know what they think of you. Sounds like it's time for revenge. >:)

  Pebbles89  |  9

*doosh. :p Or Le douschebaggeerrrr :D

By  firefighterjohn  |  9

at least they are done writing stuff on your locker

  Pebbles89  |  9

"Doosh" in Russian means shower. LOL! I love my heritage! :D

  anencephalic  |  14

Had you been a little more educated within the subject (etymology), then you would've known that douche is French for shower and actually means to undergo some form of hygienic process involving water - but I understand its usage is not excessively common - in English as well. Though OPs new-found nemesis most definitely meant the slang.

  rotflqtms_  |  7

Ok, and the word douche in French is also shower... But for English speakers, the douche bag is used for squirting water into a body cavity, usually a vaginal body cavity, but sometimes it's used as an enema (anally with a different nozzle attachment)... like a shower for down there, so yeah, it works out that the word translates to shower, because... It kind of is a shower...for a body cavity

By  fsimmo  |  0

Doucche Douse Dousse Duse Aw forget it Lmao

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