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I didn't know it was play dough. The recipes got switched. I only ate on bite then I realized what was wrong and threw them out.
By thecodecat / Friday 15 November 2013 12:13 / Canada - Musquash
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  Booda_Shun  |  28

"Doncha put it in your mouth..."

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Play-Doh also has wheat in it... It's just as edible, though taste is subjective

  Booda_Shun  |  28

*sigh* It's PASTE, #15.

By  The_Big_Boss  |  20

YDI for stupitity

  otgg  |  1

Am i the only one who doesnt understand why 8 is getting downvoted?

  NeatNit  |  32

Yeah, it's very unclear... I think he just meant that it didn't end up too good, not literally play dough. The use of the word 'literally' makes it all the more unclear though...

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