By birthdaygirl - / Wednesday 11 March 2009 03:16 / United States
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Why is it only girls see the need to show everybody its their birthday. Unless were dating or your a close friend I couldn't give a shit.

Oh God. That's not a very happy birthday. Heels are the devil. Sensible shoes are very much for the win.

#1 bahahahaha Good call. I love you for saying that. And that is just total balls, hope the rest of the birthday went well

My birthday was yesterday to. That sucks more then having honey n maple syrup poured on your head from a condom and then having 5 giant bags of chips poured on you though.

Lol, at first I thought it said "Today, I decided to get dressed for school because it's my birthday." It's the only day you get to wear your birthday suit, why would you even consider getting dressed? Anyways, I hope the rest of your birthday goes well! :-)

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