By highschoolsucks / Friday 5 October 2012 02:44 / United States
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Well, OP graduated the year before my parents... and if they're anything alike, there will be some popping, definitely some locking, and then some dropping - straight to the floor

By  tehdarkness  |  21

Way to be a zeek! Bet they put it on YouTube by now... Even worse than '87...

By  perdix  |  29

Yes, but this time, not getting laid by a cheerleader is not just an episode of typical teenage angst, it will keep your ass out of jail.

If you had the moves like Jagger, you might end up with a night of carnal pleasure, but 5-10 in the hoosegow (where child molesters are at the bottom rung of the prison food chain.)

  chippa  |  24

She's NOT middle aged. She's 25.

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