By smeeagain / Friday 21 October 2011 01:17 / United States
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  MagicGiraffe  |  12

Some teacher you are, that last sentence is a grammar catastrophe!

  onikage_666  |  0

What are you talking about? Everybody drinks in highschool. That dosent mean hes mot going to have a good life.

By  fenceme235  |  0

how old are u again???

  Palirose  |  22

#64 it's not hard to take drugs or alcohol onto school grounds, not every school checks their students for this stuff. When I was in high school there were kids with guns in their back packs. Unless your school is damn near like a prison, it's fairly easy to get things in.

By  eminarnar  |  0

Sounds like an extraordinary kid right there.

By  ekarjala  |  0

Chaperoning fail.

By  amberskyz  |  4

Hopefully you didnt brush your teeth this morning and one of your teeth grazed his knuckles. He'll be sorry.

  Abrien  |  8

The human mouth contains an intense amount of bacteria, an untended wound from someone's mouth can become severely infected, to the point of becoming gangrenous

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